Saturday, March 1, 2008

UFOs Dash Across London... That's sort of a pun.

According to the British tabloid "The Sun," a UFO was caught in a couple of snapshots. This would be startling if anybody but the camera had seen the craft. But this is no UFO - this is a UPO, and unidentified photographed object.

In this particular photo, the image next to the Ferris Wheel bears a startling resemblance to a speedometer or tachometer. An illuminated dash light would not normally reflect on the windshield (or windscreen, for all you Brits) but the light from a bright dash display could easily show up as an artifact inside a camera image.

I'm pretty sure that's what we're seeing here - light from the dash of the car reflected in the lens of the camera and showing up on the final image. Clues that this is probably the case:
1) Nobody saw a UFO when the pictures were taken.
2) The picture was taken at night when the dash was fully illuminated from a position which enabled that light to show up in the photos.
3) The angle of the "craft" does not change despite the car's motion, which supports the idea that the craft is either enormous and very far away - or fixed in place on the dash of the car.
4) The shape and illumination pattern of the "craft" is extremely similar to common dash displays.

I suspect even The Sun knows this is no UFO as their description says, "UFO appears to fly by London Eye," which is a far cry from saying that an alien craft was a real phenomena.

Over at the JREF forums, A user known as "Baron" speculates that it might be a dash-clock from a Ford Ka.

Oh, we may never know precisely which type of dash-lights aliens are using to visit our planet, but as long as they're not speeding I suppose no harm's been done.

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