Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The YouTube Take-Down FIght Begins

I'm probably too late. I've just been really busy with other things, but back in July someone contacted me claiming to be Rick Jacobs. Things about the contact didn't sound very plausible, such as his (or her) calling his lawyer a "Soliciter". At any rate, shortly thereafter, YouTube took down my videos.

I've put in a counter-notification in an effort to - at a minimum - get the mark off my account. The claimant said that the issue was that I used the copyrighted bear photos -but let's be honest, my juvenile bigfoot response was itself ironically juvenile. I'd like to get my YouTube record cleared, and then get a SERIOUS posting on the matter, one with the gravitas to match all the damn work I did identifying the size of the mangy bear, interviewing biologists, talking with the PA state authorities, etc...

I'm a skeptic, that thing in the woods is almost certainly a bear, and the BFRO has been rather nasty on the whole matter IMHO. We'll see what happens. Even Loren Coleman agreed with my web-based analysis...

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