Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Future podcast rig?

I've been experimenting with recording skype - and think I may finally have it. Maybe. I took a splitter and pulled the headset feed from my Plantronics and ran it through a 2-way splitter. Then I took 1/2 feed into the Line-In feed on my laptop. Then on the laptop I record w/ audacity.

First attempt got me the audio from the call - EXCEPT FOR ME. :(

OK: So the work-around might be to run audio recording on both machines - getting the call audio on the laptop and recording MY audio on the desktop. After the call, merging the two files with Audacity (easy).

That looks like a really cheap way to do it. Most of the recording software is in the $40 range - and many want a monthly fee. >:^(

The audio on the preliminary test (sans MY part of the call) was really good.

The price here?

Headphones from Plantronics: $45 @ Microcenter
Y-Splitter for Audio: $11 @ Radioshack
Audacity: Free
Skype: (Sort-of Free... depends on how you call.)

2-Computers - varies.
I went with a build-it-myself Desktop + Acer laptop, and got both for under $1000 total.

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