Thursday, March 19, 2009

Skeptics Are Redoubtable

OK - this is a bit silly, but I thought of this a moment ago and couldn't find it "quoted" anywhere on the Internet, so I posted it here.

"Skeptics Are Redoubtable."
(c)2009 William Blake Smith (aka Doctor Atlantis)

On the other hand, if by redoubtable you mean brave enough to stand up in the face of overwhelming opposition - just because you believe that the methods of critical thinking and the scientific method have shown you a hidden truth - well then, redoubtable it is. It is important to stand up for your beliefs - but it is more important to examine your beliefs thoroughly before you stand up for them.

And it is important that you're supporting your beliefs through a structure of sound reasoning and evidence - and that you're not being supported solely by beliefs themselves. That, my friend, is a terrible trap of tautology.

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