Thursday, August 20, 2009

Another Wiseman Ghost Post

The conference-center ghost?
After all the research I've done on ghost photos I think they're terrible 'evidence' for ghosts, but I find it fun to examine them and see if I can figure out how the image was made.

Wiseman's blog entry today has a new photo.

Here is the untouched photo:

And here is a light-blasted, contrast-adjusted blow-up of the "figures by the plant":

With these adjustments the "figure" on the left disappears. The one on the right MAY be an actual person - but the "face" seems a little iffy to me. Is it a simulacra of a person caused by pareidolia? I don't know.

I'm waiting to see some comparison shots of the venue - the name of which the person submitting the photo would not release at this time.

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