Sunday, June 21, 2009

Test video of pantry door

This is a video test at my local "Lowe's" hardware store. As you can see with average "day" lighting a hand (or ghostly face) disappears just inches away from the glass. As I explained in my previous entry, I suspect the effect could most easily be done by editing the video to insert the shot of the girl in the pantry. However if the girl were thin enough it might even be possible to do the shot without having to remove the shelving - which I figured would facilitate the effect.


Reed said...

With skilled camera work, you may not have to insert the shot of the girl -- just have her duck down and crawl out of the camera shot as you open the door.

You might check your local Habitat for Humanity warehouse to see if they have one of these doors to lend.

Doctor Atlantis said...

Good point Reed! That is another way this could have been done. I really like the idea of duplicating this one. going to look around and see if I can find a comparable setup or opp. These doors are too expensive for me to buy but I may be able to find one in an open house around here where I can shoot. I am definitely looking.

Gridane said...

I watched the video again while thinking about what Reed said. It makes a lot of sense. No editing required (dunno about sound though).

-In the beginning of the video the little girl is inside the closet with her her back pressed against the wall on the right.
-The girl opens the door from inside the closet and it swings open.
-The camera gets a look inside the closet but the door is blocking her from the view for the whole duration. Cameraman closes the door.
-Girl presses briefly against the glass and then crouches down on the floor.
-Cameraman looks inside but the camera does not see the floor in the beginning and during this time the girl crawls outside the closet. When the camera looks at the floor the girl is already gone.

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