Tuesday, July 7, 2009

96.7 - The Legend - and the Choice

Here's an open letter to the folks at 96.7 - The Legend. Tonight I heard a very disturbing commercial for a company called ITV that appears to be trying to push the snakeoil solutions of Kevin Trudeau.
Hi Shane,

I love your radio station but was very disturbed to hear advertising promoting fake cures for diseases such as HERPES. Shane, science isn't out to trick everybody. HERPES is a virus and there is no cure for it - herbal, magical or scientific. The book that ITV claims to be giving away for free appears to be a step for marketer Kevin Treudau to bypass FTC rulings prohibiting him from advertising. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kevin_Trudeau)

His book can LITERALLY lead people do die by encouraging them to stop taking their medications and try his fake remedies.

Please tell your advertising department this important message: Dead listeners don't buy stuff. It's a fact. Your company can do the right thing and get another client.

I hope you respond to this and consider doing the right thing. In a time when dollars are tight it is harder to do the right thing when it comes to money - but promoting death and illness for the sake of a few dollars should not be the standard of behavior for such a cool country music station as yours.


Blake Smith
Kennesaw GA.

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